The faceting of the diamond shape lends itself to interpretation both in terms of color and composition. In addition to the classic arrangement, with Diamantino, more unique compositions such as herringbone patterns can be created. The walls become a canvas for a covering that brings them to life with texture, color, light, and shadows.
The use of faceted diamonds maximizes the play of light and three-dimensionality. The variation in angles and the way light hits its different faces can create interplays of light and shadow, accentuating the depth and vibrancy of the clad walls.

When the tile combines two tones, the color is always applied with a brush. This technique allows for the combination of glossy and matte surfaces, the application of lustres or precious metals, and rich, textured colorations, resulting in aesthetically interesting contrasts.

Brush application provides greater precision and control in creating transitions and gradients between tones. The manual dexterity of the brush allows for the precise dosage of color and the ability to play with texture, adding a distinctive touch to the surfaces.


Botteganove Studio