Haiku is the collection designed by Studio Pepe, composed of three shapes that combine to create different patterns.
The number three returns in the inspiration to the work of Carlo Scarpa and the three-dimensional rhythm of his concrete architecture, as well as in the three-dimensionality of each piece, which by playing with light continuously creates new surfaces. Hence the name Haiku, which recalls a poetic form of Japanese literature capable of enclosing a universe of meaning in just three lines.

Like the haiku, which encapsulates patient language work in its essentiality and strives to convey profound meanings with few words, the Haiku collection hides more than one technical challenge.

In addition to the manual finishing performed while the piece is still raw, which requires great precision in handling, there is also the use of perpendicular lines, which goes against the very nature of ceramic material. However, it is precisely this bold choice that makes the collection even more surprising and fascinating.