New Town


With his playful and sophisticated signature, Adam Nathanial Furman brings together Italian design and a British spirit in the New Town collection. Audacious yet elegant geometry, that recalls the classical age of Georgian Bath and Edinburgh New Town but also the controlled irregularity of the floor tiling at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia by Carlo Scarpa, is reinterpreted here in the form of ceramic decoration.

The version with its smooth finish emphasises the linearity of the interconnected geometrical shapes, while the one with the grooved surface, inspired by the tracks of the city streets captures the light in a theatrical effect.

From the chromatic perspective, New Town represents a challenge because for each palette there is a different composition of paints (up to 6 for different shades of red, blue and green). A complex process for an unmistakable surface that is both classical and contemporary at the same time. Joy in pure form.


Adam Nathaniel Furman